Launching Firefox during first time after PC startup typically takes longer time, which could be around 20 seconds to just load and display the browser. If compare with IE or Google Chrome which only takes few seconds to load the browser, obviously Firefox web browser is lacking its advantages. You may feel frustrated to just wait for such a long period of time for launching the browser. Not to worry, if you are Firefox lover, now with this simple trick, you can improve Firefox loading time to less than 10 seconds.

To improve the loading time, follow below steps as shown below:

1. Right click on Firefox shortcut, then choose Properties.

2. On Target field, it displays Firefox executable full path. Add /prefetch:1 at the end of the path with space in between. After adding the switch, the target field should looks like this: “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” /prefetch:1

3. Click OK to save the setting.

If you would like to test out and confirm if it really works after completing above steps, you can hibernate/re-start your computer, then launch Firefox browser and count the time it takes to display the browser. You will notice that the time taken to load and display Firefox browser during first time launching after the PC startup is improved significantly. Hope this simple trick will help you to work more effective without doing nothing just to wait for it to load the browser.