While more and more apps have been developed or made compatible with iPad, not all apps available on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and/or iPod touch is available for iPad platform. However, chance is that the iPhone and iTouch apps will most likely able to run on iPad as well.

Instead of waiting for the developers to make the apps iPad compatible, here’s the trick which able to make any applications for iPhone and iPod touch that are not optimized for iPad screen size yet to be compatible with iPad screen size without borders or pixelation, and with bigger size button and 4-way orientation support.


  1. Jailbreak iPad.
  2. Install afc2add package.
  3. Install respring package.
  4. SSH client or USB browser, or iFile or DiskAid directly on iPad
  5. If the app is not installed on iPad yet, SSH into the iPhone and copy the whole app folder inside /Applications directory to computer, and then transfer to iPad /Applications directory via iPad. Remember to change the permissions of the apps to 777.

Hack Instruction:

  1. Navigate to the app that you want to make compatible in /var/mobile/Applications folder.
  2. Open the info.plist in the application’s main folder.
  3. Add the following code after the <string> line of “MinimumOSVersion” key.:


    Make iPhone App Compatible with iPad Size

  4. Respring and launch the app for iPad experience.

Note that not all the apps can be made iPad compatible with trick above.