Users especially those in the land surveying field might need to do distance measurement between two or more places from the map from time to time. Instead of using a measurement scale ruler, Google Maps Labs has added another feature, Distance Measurement Tool, to help users to do instant measuring in Google Maps. Users are given various options to choose different measurement units, e.g. metric, foot, inch, etc to measure direct distance from one point to another on the map.

To activate this measurement tool, users just need to go to Google Maps Labs settings, enable the Distance Measurement Tool feature and save the changes.

Once this feature is activated, users will notice a tiny ruler icon located at the left bottom corner of the map. Users just need to click on the ruler icon and they will be able to use the Distance Measurement Tool immediately. Users can click on “I’m feeling geeky” to select their preferred measure unit from the long list of measurement units offered.

Users can thence click on the map to trace a path they want to measure.