Users who have multiple Gmail accounts surely experience frustration when they need to open their multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously via their Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) browser. Since IE8 by default is sharing the session cookies (session cookies are temporary cookies that only persist for the lifetime of users’ browsing session) amongst all the Windows and tabs running, when users sign in to their Gmail account via Login A, they can’t open another Windows or tab to enable them to login to their second Gmail account, e.g. Login B. The new Windows or tab will automatically login to the Gmail account via Login A. Similarly, when users log out the account from one of the Windows opened, the other Windows will automatically log to out as well.

To open multiple mail accounts simultaneously, the easiest way of course is to open another browser, say, Firefox or Safari as suggested in our earlier post. Alternately, users can utilize the IE8’s built-in NoMerge feature. Via simple alteration to the default behavior, the nomerge option switch will allow users to open a completely new Windows session without sharing the session cookies. Users can then log in to their multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously without disturbance.

To apply this nomerge option switch, users can try to use the following steps to tweak the IE8 shortcut:

Go to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer. Right Click to the IE8 icon to create an IE8 shortcut at the desktop;

Right click the shortcut and go to Properties;

Append “-nomerge” into the Target field. The complete command becomes: “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” -nomerge

With this shortcut created, users can double click the shortcut to login multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously without facing the same problem again.

Update: Google Account multiple sign-in and grant access to login multiple Gmail on single login, and check out more ways to login to multiple accounts of same website simultaneously on single browser session.