When you add an interesting site to your Favorite list (for Internet Explorer) or Bookmarks list (for Firefox), the new site will always appear as the last item in both the Favorite or Bookmarks lists. The same will happens if you add it into a particular folder in the Favorite or Bookmarks list. When they are more and more collection of sites added into the Favorite or Bookmark list, you will find it very difficult to locate some of the bookmarked sites if the sites in the list are not organized and sorted accordingly.

In fact both Internet Explorer and Firefox allow users to sort their bookmarked sites in alphabetical order. The sorting process is pretty simple. However, many users might not know this simple trick. If you want to sort your Favorites list (for IE) or Bookmarks list (for Firefox), just click the Favorites/Bookmarks menu, move your mouse to any empty space in Favorites/Bookmarks lists, right click to show the shortcut menu. Choose “Sort By Name”. You will see your Favourites/Bookmarks items are in alphabetical order now.