Windows Live Hotmail provides plenty of TLD domains for which the email address is based on to its users. For example, other than, and, there are also plenty of country-specific local domains such as or (Germany), (Canada), or (UK), or (France) and etc. When registering for a new Hotmail account, it’s possible to use trick to choose the Windows Live Hotmail domain you prefer.

Hotmail has since supported alias, which allows user to create additional new Windows Live email addresses to add to existing Windows Live (MSN) account, without having to create additional Windows Live or Hotmail account. A maximum of 5 aliases can be created a year, for a maximum total of 15 aliases per Hotmail account. With alias, user just need to remember one user name and password credentials, while using multiple email addresses to send and receive e-mail messages.

When creating a new alias in Hotmail account through “Options” -> “More Options” -> “Account details (password, aliases, time zone)” -> “Your email addresses” -> “Add an email address” -> “Create a new Windows Live email address to add to your account”, the choice of the ending of Windows Live Hotmail email address is limited, restricted by country. For example, if you’re in US, you can pick only from or, while those in Japan can only choose from or

If you want to create a new Hotmail alias with a specific Hotmail or Windows Live domain, but is not offered, or the your choice of user name is not available and you want to try your luck on another Windows Live domain, here’s a trick to allow more Windows Live Hotmail mail domain names available for choice.

  1. Login to Windows Live Account overview with the Hotmail email address.
  2. Under “Account Information”, click on the Change link for Country/region.

    Windows Live Account Country/Region

  3. In “Registered Information” web page, select a country/region under Home location which offers the choice of your preferred Windows Live Hotmail email address’ domain name.

    Windows Live Account Home Location Country/Region

    A list of common Windows Live Hotmail mail address domain (address after the @) available by country ( is available to all unless otherwise specified):

    Argentina: or
    Australia: or
    Belgium: or
    Brazil: or
    Canada: or
    Chile: or
    China: or
    Czech Republic: or
    Denmark: or
    Finland: or
    France: or
    Germany: or
    Greece: or
    Hong Kong: or
    India: or
    Indonesia: or
    Israel: or
    Italy: or
    Japan: or
    Korea: or
    Malaysia: or
    Netherlands: or
    New Zealand: or (no
    Norway: or
    Philippines: or
    Singapore: or
    South Africa: or
    Spain: or
    Sweden:, or
    Switzerland: or
    Taiwan: or
    Thailand: or
    Turkey: or
    UK: or
    Vietnam: or

    Other countries have a choice of either or

  4. Save the settings.
  5. Back to “Account overview” page, under “Other options”, click on Your email addresses.

    Manage Windows Live Hotmail Email Addresses

  6. Click on Add an email address.
  7. Click on the radio button for Create a new Windows Live email address to add to your account.
  8. You can now select Windows Live mail domain which available only for the country. Select the desired Hotmail or Live domain, enter then desired user name and click Add button.

    Select Email Address Domain for Windows Live Hotmail Alias

    If the combination of user name with the mail domain is still available, the email address will be registered as your alias.

  9. After the hack, remember to change back your country setting in Windows Live Account.