Garmin is the leading GPS navigation, communication and solar devices developer in the world. Among its popular products are Garmin Nüvi, Garmin StreetPilot and Garmin Zumo (for motorcyle) series of automobile in-vehicle GPS receiver and navigation unit. Garmin GPS unit allows user to update its firmware, add custom POIs (Point of Interests), Waypoints, Favorites and customize other user settings.

Most GPS navigation devices from Garmin has a reset function which allows user to access a Maintenance Mode screen with system information, diagnostic details or perform the reset function to restore Garmin Nuvi or other series unit to its original default factory settings.

Depending on which model of Garmin GPS unit you’re using, the following routine can reset the Garmin device to original factory loaded settings, or bring up the Maintenance Mode with access to System Information and View Diagnostics screen, where users can see various logs, and of course, clear all user data (reset to factory defaults) or clear Waypoints.

In order to reset Garmin device or enter into maintenance mode, perform one of the following procedures:

Power off Garmin unit. Press on continuously the upper top left corner of screen and then power on the unit by pressing once on the Power button. You should be prompted to clear all user data, or asked if do you really want to start up in maintenance mode. Press “Yes” to reset (warning: all data will be erased and lost, so backup before proceeding) or enter maintenance mode.

Hack above works on Garmin Nuvi 660, 680 series.

Turn off Garmin device. Press down on bottom right corner of the touchscreen, and then power on the GPS unit. You should be prompted whether do you really want to erase all user data, or asked if do you really want to start up in maintenance mode. Press “Yes” to reset (warning: all data will be erased and lost, so backup before proceeding) or enter maintenance mode.

Trick above works on Garmin nuvi 200, 250, 360 750, 760 series unit. In fact, there is a video demo by user of Garmin Nuvi 360 on how to perform the hidden reset function.

Note: If entering maintenance mode, it’s also possible to perform master reset by selecting clear user data option.

Once the device has been hard reset, user have to perform the set up procedure again upon start up. Note that erase user data command only delete data in the Garmin unit’s memory that isn’t accessible to the user when the unit is connected to computer. The command does not erase .gpi or .gpx files loaded (if your .gpx files contain any waypoints then they will automatically be imported into Favorites), nor will delete any MP3 music, JPG photos or any other files that have been stored on the GPS memory card.

Once the Garmin GPS unit is reseted, remember to place the device outside where there is a clear unobstructed view of the sky for 15 – 30 minutes in order for it to requires fix to GPS satellites.

Unfortunately, even if you perform master reset on Garmin GPS unit, it does not reset Garmin Lock security feature, which password-protect most Garmin electronic devices to deter theft. If you forget the PIN or password unlock code to unlock the Garmin unit, the best solution is to bring it to Garmin to get unlocked. “Secure Location” does not unlock a locked Garmin unit either as it’s only a temporary fix as when it’s turn on outside the security location, the device is locked again.

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  • Phred

    Mine takes a very long time loading up maps (5 min). It appears to reset several times while trying. What is the deal?

    The so called, “hard reset” procedure does nothing.

    I have a Nuvi 1300.


  • I accidentally selected a foreign language on my Nuvi 2455 when setting up. I have tried pressing on top left corner while powering up. (Supposedly resets to defaults on some GPS) Anyone have any other ideas?

  • Don

    Need to unlock Garmin nuvi 1300 I bought it from a yard sale

  • paul

    Any one know what may be wrong with my Garvin,

  • paul

    my garmin lights up with the word garmin and thats all

  • Jim

    Why the heck didn’t you say at the beginning that this method doesn’t reset the danged password, before I went and deleted all my data for nothing? GEEZ! Thanks ALOT!!

  • steve

    I updated maps on garmin nuvi 2360lmt. A couple of days later while using unit I noticed that the speed icon did not turn red if I was speeding. Everything else worked ok. How can I fix this ? Thanks for the help.

  • Alejandro

    saque la tarjeta micro SD de mi GARMIN 205 nuvi, estando encendido, al hacer esto se apago y no he podido volver a encenderlo. Que puedo hacer?

  • megan

    i have a germin nuvi and i forgot my piv now i can’t get in i trued to reset but when im done it still pops up with enter a pin can u help me if u have any pins that can unlock it a GERMIN 500

  • roy

    i have a garmin nuvi 1490 and i forgot my pin if anyone knows the universal password for garmin please let me know im willing to buy it off you

  • kevin

    I forgot my pin to my Garmin NUVI 660 how can i get pass pin screen and into gps

    • frank

      Did you ever get an answer. I have reset user data and tried to enter maintenance mode, however neither have been helpful.

  • kevin

    I got deployed to afghanistan and when I came back I forgot the pin to my NUVI 660 how can I get pass PIN Screen and get into gps or reset it completely? Please help

  • helena

    i forgot my pin how do i use it now

  • jorge

    mi gps 1490 no en ciende por que que hago

  • jorge

    tengo un gps no me ensiende y lo conecto la conputadora y nosale en ella que hago

  • shawn

    i have a nuvi1490 that i can't unlock please help

  • sabo

    need unlock code for garmin nuvi 200

    • helena

      did you ever figure out how to unlock your gps i am having the same problem with my nuvi200 i forgot my pin

      • calvin

        i have a garmin nuvii 200 my grand daughter lock it how can i get it unlocked?

  • roque

    I have a nuvi 650 and I play lock the touch screen that touches not respond, step out of nothing, if you squeezed the lower right corner as you turn on a phrase below me, how do I unlock it? thank you very much

  • C. pedersen

    Help my garmin nuvi 650 touch screen is unresponsive !
    I tried resetting it , tried erasing then reloading software…nothing works.
    Expensive paperweight.

    • Lee

      I had the same problem as you with my Garmin 650.

      Did you figure out how to fix it?


  • michele

    thanks so much for the instructions. we just got a used nuvi to replace my mom's stolen one (bastards!!) and I couldn't have reset Home without your help.

  • Vitor

    My 1360 Garmin doesnt load up the maps, therfore is not able to calculate the route. When I click on "View Maps" nothing loads up besides: My speed, The direction of where I am going (N,S, E, L) and a question mark in place of where my car should be.

  • Geo

    Hi, I have mistakenly uploaded wrong software into my Garmin Nuvi 300 and it went dead. When connected to a computer, it wont even appear as a disc. I have tried the above mantioned reset but it will only say that there is new software but either option of whether to continue its installation or not won´t do anything. Any Hint?


  • bennet pieterse

    i tried reseting my garmin nuvi 200 without any results. i forgot my password, followed the instructions to no avail… please help!!!

    • Chad

      I have a problem with the password, somehow a password was set on my gps and now I can't use it cause of the password I don't remember putting on the gps. Do you have any suggestions on how to get by the password?

      • nicola

        1390 on the battery has been replaced with a new startup, now it asks me the pin
        I can not find and can cancel this function, or tried various solutions without success thanks nicola

  • john


    I have the same problem with my Nuvi 680. I can power it on, but the touch screen is dead. I cannot access the maintenance mode or do anything with it.

    I have emailed the Garmin tech support and am waiting for a response.

    • Kevin Seidel

      did you get any information from garmin on how to fix the locked screen?

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  • reggie

    i have a problem about my garmin 660,the garmin 660 woks but the touchscreen dont work. what i need to do??plssss.. help for this

  • chris

    I cant make my local map show on the screen. All I get is a world map (morth America) Please help I am Lost

  • Flowergemw

    I have a Nuvi 650 but the reset instructions doesn't work. I tried upper left, bottom left, upper right, and bottom right. NOTHING is working. HELP!!

  • Josef

    I have a Garmin 1490 that will not boot up. It turns on and stops at "Loader Loading". This occurred after I went online to Garmin to update the unit.

    How do I reset the device?

    • dzemal



  • Simon

    I have garmin 200w how can i unlock the password help with codes

  • anon

    it worked

  • Nope

    Doesnt work for 765T. Trying to find the sequence is almost impossilbe even when using Google.

  • stingcharger

    i have a nuvi 760 and the bottom right clears memory but does not take me to maintenance mode. so i do not think that the above info is accurate. can someone please tell me how to get into maintenance mode for my nuvi 760. i am having issues and want to try to fix it.

  • Jimmy

    My son's friend (4 YO) was playing with our Nuvi 250 and next thing you know it's locked out. Thanks for the tip… worked great!

    I have since set up my PIN code and set my Security location to my home.

  • rich

    my garmin came from a yard sale it is fairly ney when i turn it on i get a view of a map but top of screen says g p s is off how would i go about turning it back on


    Have a nuvi 750, every time I turn it on It says loading maps,then waring and must agree, I hit agree. Then the screen says Cant unlock maps. I hit ok then the main screen comes up and when I hit view map the highway only come up no street info. I alos loose the abitly to find locations in the where to. I update my map thu garmin after this happened, I tried the rest trick. Still the same thing. I checked the security its in the Garmin lock is off

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  • Hi, i have a Garmin Nuvi 760 and i lost my hard drive on my PC where i keep passwords stored and now my GPS is Locked, what can i do to unlock it and use another password?

  • George

    My garmin says cant unlock maps and no detaild maps found that support routing the nuvi cannot be usde without them . PLZ HELP ME

  • jose farias

    I can not remove the pin lock can not remember what pim unintentionally forget please help me I can not use the nuvi 200 gps unit .. thanks

  • jUAN


  • Marites Williams

    My garmin gps went off. It usually just turned on automatically everytime I turn the car on but this time it won't do anything. Shut off completely. Can you help me fix this. My husband just bought this for me 6 months ago. PLs tell me what to do. Thanks

  • no funciona

    En nuvi 760 no funciona

  • jose luis

    hi. The problem with my garmin nuvi 205 is that when passing ESTBA failure transfer maps and when I take him without connecting the usb will not start and when I connect my usb flashing the screen. Necesitaria urgent if I could pass some info to solve this problema.Si not bother them could send the reply to my mail. Thank you.
    Another thing, the video probe and what did not work

  • Larry

    I am having one problem with my Garmin Nuvi 205. Everything works fine all the while until I tried to rename the Garmin Device Label name when it is connected to PC. My windows explorer went into Not Responding, so I restarted my window. After that, I tried to turn on my Garmin Device and it hangs on the Garmin screen. I tried to connect to USB hoping can change back the label, but the Garmin hang before PC can detects the Garmin internal memory!! HELP! what can I do now? I tried to do the HARD RESET (press the bottom right corner and turn on) to erase all user data, but still cant! Any advice to fix back my garmin now?? thanks!

  • nino

    mon gps m indique des l allumage, accessoire non compatible alors que rien, n est brancher dessus, depuis, je ne peux plus le connecter a l ordinteur, votre methode de reset ne marche pas sur le mien ( nuivi 250), je vous demande donc de l aide afin de comprendre ce qu il cloche chez lui.

    je l ai acheter a un particulier sur le boncoin, il machait bien mais, il continue toutjours de marcher bien, mais toujours ce messsages d erreur et impossible donc de le connectr au pc .


  • francisco

    Buenas, tengo un problema:

    Tengo el garmin nuvi 360, y mi problema es que no apaga.. creo que tiene virus, este proceso me permite "formatearlo" y al dejarlo como vino de fabrica saldria el virus?

    Desde ya, gracias

  • junior


  • jenny huett

    my gps has a message that says no detailed maps found that support routing . cannot be used without it. but before this message i had nothing but press dots done that got my picture and the i agree message and load map then this message come own. what ido i do to fix this promblem i have used the reset button and followed the direction.

  • Peter

    Your directions state the upper left of bottom right, but the video shows to press the bottom left.

    That was the positon that worked with my Nuvi 360.

  • Thanks for the information. I was having the hardest time trying to figure out how to reset mine.

    • calvin

      how can i unlock nuvii200 grand daughter locked it?