iTunes App Store does not provide a demo version or trial version which users can download and try and applications prior to actually buying or purchasing the app. The not customer friendly approach of the App Store causes many iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users to end up with lots of unneeded apps and games, or apps and games that simply does not work, does not match expectation, does not work described, unplayable, buggy, crappy or does not provide support.

Unfortunately, iTunes App Store (and even the whole iTunes Store marketplace) does not have an official refund or return process for the purchase. If you feel that the money used to bough an app from the App Store has been ill-spent, here’s trick to request a refund from Apple for unwanted apps that wanted to be returned or refunded. Not guarantee to work, but worth a try nonetheless.

  1. Run iTunes.
  2. In the top right corner, click on the down arrow next to user’s email address (user name), and select Account.

    iTunes Account

  3. In prompted, type the password and click on Account Info button to sign in to view account information.
  4. Click on Purchase History button.

    Purchase History

  5. Click on the Report a Problem button at the bottom of the “Purchase History” page.

    Report a Problem for iTunes Purchase

  6. Locate the iTunes application invoice which wants to be refunded, and click on the Report a Problem link at the end of the line.

    Refund iTunes App Store Purchased

    Hint: Only latest purchases are listed on the main page. If the app was bought a while ago, locate the app in the Previous Purchases section, which list the purchases by order date. Click on the arrow to view the apps purchased on the day’s order.

  7. Select the I inadvertently purchased this app as problem (note: other issue such as “this application does not function as expected” selection may cause Apple to redirect you to developer instead), and then fill out and submit the comments form with a good, valid and legitimate reason to request for refund, politely.

    Request iTunes Refund

    Once submitted, wait a few days for Apple to respond, and issue refund when applicable.

Apple is said to allow customers to claim or request a refund up to 90 days after the purchase, but it’s always recommended to return the app as soon as possible if you don’t need the app, found the game to be boring or for whatever reasons else.