Have you ever experienced some of web pages that don’t allow you to select and copy text? One of the intention is to prevent anybody from stealing the content and distribute it for commercial purpose. In fact this is a little trick that is done by using javascript which prevent you from selecting the text and eventually fail to copy it. Here we would like to show some simple steps that you can turn the situation around by able to copy the text without any restriction.

To overcome this restriction, follow below steps:

1) Go to the website which restricts you from selecting and copying.
2) Copy below javascript and paste it at the address bar and hit enter key.


3) Now you can select and copy the text from this website using conventional way – highlight the text followed by CTRL C to copy, then paste it into notepad or word document.

Hope this simple trick will able to help you overcome some situation whereby you need to copy the content for personal reference and please use this trick wisely!