Symbian OS cell phone has now gaining its popularity over other mobile operating systems (Window Mobile, Palm OS and Linux). However, it is vulnerable to a variety of viruses, such as commwarrior, cabir and etc. When we start sharing files via Bluetooth or installing an application software from any untrusted source, the chances of being infected by viruses are very high.

Nevetheless, it is still possible for the users to do the virus cleaning themselves without the need to send it to authorized service center or repair shop when it gets infected. This would save them some bucks but of course the best way is still having the right antivirus software being installed on your phone in the first place!

When your phone gets infected by commwarrior virus, you will notice a wording “infected by Commwarrior” near the operator logo area. I saw this once on my previous phone, Nokia 3650, and the phone gone crazy by just shutting down and restart by itself. The worm replicated itself through the phone’s Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) and it sends copies of itself to other phone owners listed in the phone user’s address book. Do not panic! Follow the steps listed below and your phone will be alright. These steps were taught by my friend who is working in mobile phone clinic. Apparently, he used this technique and resolved most of the mobile phones that were infected by viruses.

First, remove memory card from your mobile. Then, turn on your phone, recycle the power by keying *#7370#. You will be prompted to confirm a security code. The default code is 12345. Be cautious that by entering the code you are actually doing a hard reset on your mobile, which also means it will erase everything including your profile, personal data and put the phone back to factory default setting. Once you do that, your phone will be free of virus. Also be reminded that the memory card may have been infected by virus as well. Do not insert it back to the phone before formatting it using card reader on the PC.

This is my personal experience and it works for most of the Nokia models. However, it is always advisable to have the antivirus software installed on your mobile. The famous one would be Symantec Mobile Security for Symbian OS smartphone which could protect your mobile against any virus threat.