Google Mail or Gmail allows users to add their Google Calendar gadget into their Gmail account. After a simple activation process, users will notice a mini calendar added into the left column of the main Gmail screen. As and when there are events scheduled in Google Calendar or the mini calendar, by default, users will receive a daily email to notify them of the events. Besides, the events scheduled will also be displayed under the mini calendar. Despite this notification format, some users might still be forgetful of the upcoming events or overlook them. If that is the case, users probably can look at the new pop-up reminder feature which has been recently added to Google Calendar to facilitate them.

Google Calendar has lately added a new pop-up reminder feature which can prompt users when the time set for the reminder is triggered. To activate the pop-up reminder feature, users need to sign in to their Google Calendar account and go to setting. Under the Google Calendar setting, click on to Labs tab. Under the “Gentle Reminder” section, users need to check the “Enable” box to activate the pop-up reminder function.

Once the aforesaid feature is activated, users will be prompted with the event reminder when the scheduled time arrives:

Event Reminder prompts users in their Gmail

Event Reminder prompts users in their Google Calendar