Most users will open Windows Explorer when they want to have an overview or access the file systems in their computers. Like it or not, Windows has set a default view when you open this file manager. If you do not like what Microsoft has set for you or if you find the default view quite difficult to navigate, etc, you could remove the default setting and apply your preferred folder view.

How to configure a default folder view? Pretty simple. Follow these steps:

a. Open Windows Explorer. Set the particulars to the view you prefer. For instance, if you prefer to view the folder in “Details” style, just Select View->Details.

b. Go to Tools and select “Folder Options”;

c. Click on the “View” tab;

d. Click on the “Apply to All Folders” button;

e. You will be prompted a message: “Set all the folders on your computer to match the current folder’s view settings (except for toolbars and folder tasks)? Changes will occur the next time you open them”. Click “Yes”;

f. Click “OK” to complete the default setting exercise.

Windows users can use this method to set their default view, either in Thumbnail, Tiles, Icons, List or Details. It works for both Windows Vista and Windows XP.