Google Wave is a personal real-time collaboration and communication platform which allows several users to work on the same tasks together concurrently. Google Docs is another free service from Google which provides web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and form application.

Google Docs also allows users to to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users on the documents, spreadsheets, presentations or forms. Unfortunately, in Google Wave, currently user cannot create, edit or share documents, spreadsheets or presentations. Although it’s possible to upload a Word or Writer documents, Excel or Calc spreadsheets and PowerPoint or Impress presentations to Google Wave, however the uploaded file become an attachment to the wave message, and do not support editing.

For Google Wave users who require to collaborate and co-edit a document, spreadsheet or presentation via Google Wave simultaneously or concurrently, here’s a workaround to allow integration of Google Wave and Google Docs. Integration of Google Docs into Google Wave allows users to use only single platform and single logon or login (when using same Google account).

How to Embed Google Docs as IFrame in Google Wave

  1. Create a new wave or open an existing wave (has to edit this message) that users want to incorporate a Google Docs document, spreadsheet or presentations.
  2. Click on Add Gadget by URL icon.

    Add Gaget by URL in Google Wave

  3. Insert the following URL to embed the IFrame tool into the wave:

    Add iframe Gadget in Google Wave

    Then, click on Add button.

  4. The IFrame gadget will open inside the wave in a turquoise box. Click the Edit link.
  5. Enter the full URL (link location) to a Google Docs document, worksheet or presentation to be embedded in the Google Wave as web page.

    View and Edit Google Docs in iframe in Google Wave

    Optionally, modify the height (in pixel) to adjust the height of the display box so that more part of the document can be shown.

    Tip: To get the URL for a Google Docs file, just open up the file for viewing or editing in web browser, and copy the path from location bar.

  6. Click on View link. The Google Docs should display inside the IFrame in the Google Wave.

Note: To access the embedded Google Docs file, the participants of the wave must also been granted the access to view and/or edit the document, worksheet or presentation file in Google Docs, as defined by the “Share” function. Thus, it’s possible make the doc full public access by enabling the “Allow anyone with the link to view (no sign-in required)” option, and/or “Also allow them to edit”.

The trick should also works with some other Google services such as Google Calendar, or other web services. Note that when saving or closing a Google Docs, the whole Google Docs website will be opened in full browser window frame, replacing Google Wave tab.