23114571.jpgNowadays, camera cellphones are very common and lots of folks are using their camera phones to capture photos/pictures, which has developed into a global phenomenon. As you know, take pictures by camera phone (hybrid device) is more challenging if compared to digital cameras that designed specially for capturing your valueable memories. For your need, here’s got some tips that will help you to take better photos with camera handset.

Tips To Take Better Photos (Camera Phone):

  • Set the most suitable settings: Before you start to take pictures, set the settings such as weather and lighting environment (if your phone have).
  • Hold your camera phone steady: As you know, the lens on a camera phone is smaller than digital cameras, so it’s very prone to camera shake. The images will result in blurry shots if you inevitably move the phone just a bit. This is especially important in low light situations.Try to stand as steady as possible.
  • Watch the light: Not only refers to the quantity of light, but also how the light is arranged. Be especially mindful of where your primary light source is.
  • Get close: Get as close as possible when a scene is backlit, because the resolution just isn’t there to handle foreground. In addition, this also reduces the effects of camera shake.
  • Pose people: Less movement of object you focus will result in clearer shots.
  • Edit later: You can edit the photos with built-in image editing software (if got) in camera phones. Instead, download your photographs to your computer and use Photoshop software.
  • Keep your lens clean and free from scratch: You can purchase a good case to protect your phone.
  • Select the highest resolution when you plan to print a picture: Don’t choose VGA resolution which is best for web when wanna print out a photo.
  • Take lots of pictures: Provides yourself as many options as possible, it’s not analog but digital.
  • Don’t use your digital zoom: It will decrease the quality of your photoshots.

Now, you can try to capture photos with your beloved camera phone using the tips/guides above.