Broadband internet access is supposed to be high speed internet access which provides convenience to internet users especially commercial users. The speed of internet access does matter especially in the competitive industries. It is a key economic indicator as well. Generally, the minimum speed of broadband service ranges from 64kbit/s to 1.0Mbit/s. However, in many occasions you may still feel frustrated with your broadband services. You feel like cursing your service provider for the grindingly slow downloading time. Actually you can measure your broadband connection speed via some free online broadband speed test. You can find out whether the bandwidth that you are getting is the one you are paying for. For instance, if you pay for 6Mbps service, the test may show that you are only getting 3MBps.

There are many free online speed test sites which you can refer to if you want to measure your broadband speed. These are the two commonly used speed test tools:

Speedtest is a free broadband speed test with servers located all over the world. It allows users to compare their results with others around the world.

Broadband Speed Check
Broadband Speed Check is another test that allows you to check your broadband speed without charges. It works in a pretty simple way. You can check the speed by clicking a big button of a speed checker in the centre of the page. The check first starts by downloading a file and measuring how long it takes. After the download is completed, the speed checker then tries to upload a file and measures the upload speed.