gmail-logoIf you have two gmail accounts and would like to stop using the old account, you probably will encounter the problem like how to import mails from the old gmail mailbox to another one. Gmail has provided a great feature that allows users to import emails from another mailbox so that you can still keep your important mails in the new gmail mailbox by following the below steps.

1. Login to old gmail account that you would like to transfer mails over to the new gmail account. Click on Setting, then choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Under POP Download section, select Enable POP from all mail. Click Save Changes button at bottom to save the setting.

2. Login to new gmail account. Click on Setting follow by Accounts. Under Get mail from other accounts section, click Add a mail account you own link.

3. At the pop up window, type your old gmail address and click Next Step button.

4. On the next screen, type the old gmail password, then select at POP server drop down list. Click Add Account button.

5. You will be asked if you want to send email from this new gmail mailbox using old gmail address. Tick Yes if you want to or else just tick No.

6. If you choose yes, then you will be requested to type your preference name for the old gmail address. If you would like to use old gmail address whenever reply an email from this new account, then click Specify a different “reply-to” address link and enter the old gmail address. Click Next Step button to proceed.

7. Click Send Verification button and gmail will send verification code to your old gmail account. This is to verify if you are the owner for old gmail account.

8. Go to your old gmail account, copy the verification code and paste it into the text box, then click Verify button.

Once you have completed all the above steps, your new gmail will start importing all mails from old gmail account. It will take some times to complete the mails transfer depending on your emails’ capacity.

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  • rtibbs

    What if your current gmail account doesn’t have the forwarding/pop3 link? Any other options?

  • edgar


  • Hitesh

    Thanks Martin,

    Just followed your instructions.

    I just got through initial hurdles, but waiting to see if export occurs in new gmail account.


  • Russell

    A lot of you guys seem to be getting the message that “Mail and contacts cannot be imported from another Gmail account.” This is the wrong way to try this. I just did this successfully today, Nov 10, 2012. Instead of clicking on the “Import mail and contacts” setting, you want to head to the section called “check mail from other accounts (using POP3): If you add your account here, everything works out beautifully!

  • zaxan

    Tried and works, however, it will get all mails and dumps them in the inbox (label).

    Is there way to preserve your labels, so that all mails from the old account will keep their labels in the new account?

    That would save me a few days work of relabelling all thousands of emails.

  • john

    hey guys,

    at step 4 of your instructions, i typed in the old gmail password, but am NOT able to select at the "POP Server" drop down list because there is no drop down list. when i manually typed in in the "POP Server" box, and clicked on the "Add Account" button, the following message appears:

    "There was a problem connecting to

    Server returned error: "Connection timed out: There may be a problem with the settings you added. Please contact your other email provider to verify the correct server name and port."

    can folks help explain this? one possible reason i think this might be happening is because i am transferring emails from my old gmail address to my new gmail address but both addresses have my work domain ( rather than could this be the problem? either way, i would really appreciate your help!


    • Hi John.

      The same occured to me. Though i found out that even though my company uses another domain it’s still a google mail account. This means that you can use pop server from gmail.

      1. POP-Server:
      2. port 995
      3. mark the checkbox ‘Use a secure connection (SSL), when retrieving mail’

      Hope it will help, since it did for me.


  • MK

    I followed all the instructions and after I entered the verification code, it just brought me back to the gmail sign-in page…and nothing happened. help please?

  • jingfu

    it worked. thanks a lot!

  • Kailan

    Thanks worked well

  • adrienne


    How long does it take for the mails to be imported? I set it up 15 mins ago and until now it still says "Checking mail…"

    There was no prompt for me to enter the verification code either.

  • Arra


    I would like to know how to receive emails directly to my new email address instead from the old email address I have? I have created 3 new email address in gmail and I want to completely receive email from specific person to one of my new email address, and not simply forwarding automatically from my old email address to the new one.

    Example:Anna send email to my but I would like to receive the email in one of my email ad

  • persoonlijke lening

    aaah it is very strange. Dit tried this tutorial yesterday on my macbook pro and it did not work!
    Today on my pc it did work! Thanks a lot anyway :-)

  • khaled

    Thanks for the help! It’s working.

  • Happy Sebastian

    Great that worked perfect. Thank you very much!

  • Krista

    I just did this and it has been saying "checking mail" for quite some time…and nothing is happening. Any ideas?

    • Krista

      hmmm it's now slowly importing but it seems to be importing all my archived emails and putting them straight into my new inbox…is that really the case? I don't want to go through thousands of emails and re-label them! Please tell me there is another way!

  • MF

    To keep label names, set up both accounts as IMAP in your email client (I use Thunderbird), then drag messages.from each IMAP folder in the old account to its matching folder in the new account (maybe you can even drag whole folders across! Haven't tried that). Make sure you don't leave anything behind, though – it can be tricky.

  • sagar

    Thanks for the help! It’s working.

  • thankssssss

  • Daisy

    Thanks, this worked very well for me. Some of the steps (like verification code) are now different (ex: that is no longer a required step). But your instructions were great and I was able to do this with ease.

    Although I moved all my SENT and CHAT messages into my INBOX, none of them have transferred. If anyone has a solution, that would be great.

  • Lyn

    Thanks – I was going crazy trying to find out what to do, this works perfectly!!

  • islah

    Hey, thanks! This work for me :)

    @zak: I think so.. My old Gmail account is completely empty after the transfer.

  • Ana

    It's working for me! About 200 emails have been transferred so far. Thanks!

  • Sael

    This doesn't work anymore. Google forbid using another gmail account in the "Get mail from other accounts" (that's called "Import mail and contacts" now) option. Simply won't let you continue. It reports that "Mail and contacts cannot be imported from another Gmail account." There is a POP3 method, but it won't leave a copy of mail in the original inbox (says that server doesn't support this option).

  • alhadid




  • Johnathan Fillo

    the above comments need no further explanation, geesh

  • Root

    Is it possible to only move across some, not all, emails? For example, just to move messages with a certain label (like "Admin" or "Family")

  • Dhivya

    Hi, i need to transfer only my contacts from one gmail account to another.I dont want to transfer my mails. Is it possible?

    • Chris has this service and it's free! I just used it and it's awesome. They also have a migration tool for email as well but that costs money. The service did not work for moving my documents or calendar but it did migrate the contacts perfectly. And since it's free I can't complain!

  • karol

    ok.i think i did sth wrong;/ i transferred all my received mails from hotmail to gmail.and i had no messages left in hotmail i decided to transfer all gmail mails into hotmail but all the messages have todays date;/ how can ichange it?????

  • Lina

    Hi, thanks alot for your help =)

  • CIDM – Francis

    You can keep all the labels using a linux program called imapsync. I used it a lot when transfering mails from one server to another. I can see why it should not work with 2 gmail accounts.

    imapsync is easy to run on any ubuntu/debian system but is also OS independant.

  • Stephanie

    hi there, there seems to be no option to choose to go to this part –

    " 2. Login to new gmail account. Click on Setting follow by Accounts. Under Get mail from other accounts section, click Add a mail account you own link."

  • zak

    will this also transfer archived messages?

  • JswaroopR

    How can I import "chat history" and my web search history from to my new google account?

    Also, is there any way in which I can unlink my old orkut account with that google account and connect it to the new one?

  • It did work….Thanks for the info, it was much helpful. I got all my emails form old account to new account….

  • Investigatn

    What if you want to move email and their LABELS from one gmail account to another gmail account? Thought about using imap and downloading both accounts to Outlook or another email client, then copying the folders from one account to the other. I'm not sure you can do this, and seems as if I had problem before attempting to use 2 Gmail imap accounts within Outlook. Any ideas?

  • Ernie

    Desnt work anymore :(

    Damn you GOGGLE!

  • Vez

    I followed this and got all my emails (which has taken a couple of days). But is there any way to also transfer my chat logs from my old email address to my new one?

  • It Works!!

    But how cam I import labels which I have created in old account??

  • chuck

    this isnt working anymore, google says they dont allow importing email from another gmail account.

  • Ned

    This process will only transer mail in your Inbox but not the SentMail or ChatMail.

  • Nick

    That was very useful. Worked like a charm, only con was the inability to copy drafts. Thank you for that very efficient tutorial!

  • anand singh

    Nice, very nice, worked.

    thank you.

  • pls let me know if there is an option to forward all chats from my old gmail account to the new one…

  • Steve Johnsson

    @Kev1 Labels and read/starred status will not get transferred. You might want to look into for that. It's not free, but it's only a few bucks and will save you a lot of time.

  • Jackie Cunningham

    I successfully transferred my email to another computer, but in doing so, it deleted access to gmail at my main computer. What do I do now? It opens with a window asking for email address and password, but doesn't accept either. Help.

  • Kev1

    When transferring emails using this method, can the labels be transferred as well?

    Or will all the emails be unlabelled after being tranferred to the new gmail account?

  • Mobi

    Very sad that this doesn't work from iPhone (accessing gmail via safari browser, then choose Desktop version vs Mobi version of gmail to access Settings).

    As others have stated, steps/paragraphs 2-3-4 do not exist on the Desktop version of my gmail account (via safari) as seen from iPhone. The only option available is to add an email address to your new gmail, but not the full old gmail account (ie, there are no windows in which to type "", etc.). It does let you type in a name, the email addy you want to add (and a new reply-to addy), and lastly there is a window for the verification code.

    I was sooo hoping to save having to redo all the labels/folders in the new gmail addy AND from having to forward all the emails individually. :(

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the help! It's working.



  • P. Petro

    Will somebody answer my July 18th post (see above). Thanks.

  • jo

    in step 2 gmail will not let you enter another gmail account.

    this does not work

  • alawooz

    nothing happened, step 2 does not exist:

    2. Login to new gmail account. Click on Setting follow by Accounts. Under Get mail from other accounts section, click Add a mail account you own link.

    what to do?

  • P. Petro

    After I transfer emails from the old Gmail account to the new one, in the way described, two questions: (1)Will all emails transferred to the new account remain in my old account as well, and (2) from then on, will every email addressed to my old account be transferred (meaning copied?)to my new account, but remain in the old account as well. In this way, I want to use each account as a backup of the other one.

  • pest

    Will it import all my mail from my old gmail account with attachments creating and putting them in the folders that the old account had or does all the email from the old account get put just in to the Inbox on the newer account?


  • answers

    @shaaani: yes

    @Jonathan: imported mail retains the original date

  • this does not work for corporate gmail accounts.

    "4. On the next screen, type the old gmail password, then select at POP server drop down list. Click Add Account button."

    that step does not work, there's no dropdown menu:

    "Server denied POP3 access for the given username and password."

    I'm not certain what to type in that box :(

    the website is NoDramaStateside[dot]com which makes the log in be: mail.nodramastateside[dot]com

    any solution would be greatly apprectiated, thanks!

  • Jonathan

    Hi, thanks for the tip! I'm looking to do this, but two concerns:

    Once the mail from old gmail is in the new gmail, will the original mail dates be retained? Or will all the imported mail's date be replaced with the date of the import?

    Any idea on how to import the Google chats from old Gmail to new Gmail?


  • shaaani

    could i do this procedure with emails (like hotmail,yahoo) other than gmail ???