Facebook is one of the largest websites in the world, with more than 500 million monthly users. Once you have signed up and connected with friends, users will get an email notification from Facebook every time an event that triggers alert happens, such as someone requests to add as a friend, confirms existing friendship request, posts something on your wall, comments you photos or status, and etc.

If you like to reduce the number of notification emails from Facebook, and don’t want to miss out any daily activity. Here’s a quick tip that will help your summarized these multiple notifications into a single daily email digest.

  1. Login to Facebook Account, go to Account Settings and choose Notifications tab.

  2. Uncheck all email notifications except “Sends you a message”.
  3. Then, open the Facebook notifications page at upper left corner, and click the “Via RSS”.

  4. Copy the link and paste into FeedBlitz to receive daily email digest of all activity happening in Facebook profile.

    Note: To set up daily email with FeedBlitz, users need to enter an email address, paste the URL, and choose the settings.

Alternatively, users can use an RSS reader such as Google Reader or FeedDemon to subscribe Facebook Notifications feed by add the link to an RSS reader that choice.

Note: It will change Facebook notifications feed public because Facebook doesn’t provide password protection to the notification RSS feed.