Google Docs is a web based service from Google that provides word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, form, and data storage. Google Docs originated from two separate products: Writely and Google Spreadsheets. Writely was a web-based word processor, while Spreadsheets was initially launched as part of Google Labs to provide Excel-like functionality. Documents can be saved to computer in a variety of formats such as ODF, HTML, PDF, RTF, Text, and Microsoft Office format. With Google Docs, users can create docs within the web-based apps, import through the web interface, or send files via email. In addition, it also allows users to share, open, and edit documents online by multiple users at the same time.

Here are a simple guides how to use Google Docs to collaborate with multiple people online.

Log into Google account to access and edit the documents. If already have Google account, simply sign in with your username and password combination, and then click “Documents” in the top navigation bar.

Click “Create New” and choose the types of documents you want to create.

Once finish, the blank document with appear in screen. Name the document and click “Share” to invite others to view and/or edit the document.

Add people by enter the email addresses to invite, and then click to denote “Can edit” or “Can view” options to begin collaborating with Google Docs.

Note: Each document can only adds maximum 200 collaborators or viewers.

When collaborators or viewers opens the document at the same time, owner can watch and chat with them by click the blue bar at the top right of the screen.

After complete create the document, users can click “File” to download or print the document in a variety formats. Or click “Upload” to share the files to email.

Note: Users can access and view documents without a Google account via an invitation.

Hopefully, these simple guides will able to help you to use Google Docs to collaborate with others.