Google SSL with URL which starts with https:// is a secure end-to-end search channel provided by Google over SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The service is for people who concerns about the search terms or keywords been intercepted, sniffed or eavesdropped by malicious hackers through plain text transmitted through typical web traffic.

Google SSL can be accessed from (which is temporarily redirects to, where users will see a slightly modified Google logo with a lock and SSL wording.

Google SSL

For Google Chrome web browser users who search directly from the address bar (which doubles up as search box), use the following hack to change and make Google SSL secure search as default search engine in Chrome.

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the Wrench (Tools) icon and then go to Options.
  3. Go to Basics tab.
  4. Under the “Search” section, click on the Manage button.

    Manage Search Engines in Google Chrome

  5. Click on Add button, and then enter the following information for the new Google SSL search engine:

    Name: Google (SSL)
    Keyword: googlessl

    Google SSL Search Engine in Chrome

    Tip: The name and keyword is customizable, and can be changed according to your own preference.

    Note: Google has temporarily redirected all secure search through SSL to If the above URL is not working or causing infinite loop, just change the “www” to “encrypted”.

  6. Click OK when done.
  7. On the “Search Engine” list, select and highlight Google (SSL), and then click on Make Default button so that the new search engine is used every time Chrome is started.

    Tip: If you don’t want to set the Google SSL Search as default search engine, just type its keyword (i.e. googlessl and hit space to search with the Google (SSL) search engine.

  8. Click Close twice to exit from Chrome Options.

When searching with Google SSL Secure Search, the search terms will be encrypted, and search results will be presented on a SSL-enabled web page.