Sometimes you may wonder what is inside a clipboard before you decide to overwrite it with something else or start pasting it into document. Instead of viewing the content by opening up notepad or word document and paste it, there is a quick way that enables you to know the clipboard content with just a simple click.

To display the clipboard content, user can do it by running clipbrd.exe and it will show you the clipboard content once it is launched. Clipbrd.exe comes together with Windows XP and it is located under C:\WINDOWS\system32. In order to access this utility in faster way, you can create a shortcut and put it in your desktop. Follow below steps to create the shortcut for this utility:

1) Right click on the empty area on desktop, then select New->Shortcut.
2) The ‘Create Shortcut window’ will pop up, type: %windir%\System32\clipbrd.exe and click Next button.
3) Type a name for this shortcut as you like, for example: Clipbrd.exe then click Finish button to create the shortcut on your desktop.

To view the content of your clipboard, just double click this shortcut and it will display the clipboard content immediately. For windows Vista, this utility is not part of windows Vista package. To enable this feature, you can copy clipbrd.exe from windows XP into C:\Windows\System32 in Vista, then create a shortcut on desktop to access it directly.