Typically, open source Linux is being chosen as the preloaded OS (Operating System) for nettop or netbook machines when price is one of the main concerns. Have you ever wonder that Google’s Android, that used to be developed specifically for Smartphones could be another alternative to Linux as well as Windows OS replacement for future netbook and even notebook? Now the reality is, Hewlett-Packard and Asustek are currently evaluating Google’s Android as a potential candidate that sits in netbook and even upcoming notebook products.

Google’s Android is one of the Linux based OS that have been specifically designed for smartphones market. While it can be run on X86 based architecture machines, it is also suitable for more power efficient ARM based platforms, which make it a suitable version for cross segments without much limitation. Besides, it is small foot print and most importantly, there is no expensive licensing issue as what being experienced in Windows OS.

The only concern is probably the familiarity and consumers’ willingness to adapt and learn new OS but analysts do believe that it is only a matter of time and Google could potentially become a new player in OS market in short future.