Hewlett Packard recently launched a blade server chassis system which was designed particularly for medium-sized businesses. Hewlett-Packard has identified medium-sized business is one of the technology industry’s fastest growing markets. The introduction of this compact computer system will generate the interest of some mid-size companies as this system is easy to use and configure and more important, it is at an affordable price.

The HP new system, Shorty, is a box-like unit. It is approximately 10-inch tall and can accommodate eight thin server computers known as blades that take up less space and consume less power than traditional servers. This c3000 BladeSystem is available with integrated storage and can come prepackaged with business applications from Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and others. Shorty features a maximum 1 Tbyte of storage and a 3-inch LCD screen in the front that displays configuration instruction and is also an interface for the server’s management software. This compact computer also includes HP’s Virtual Connect architecture for replacing or adding blades without taking the system down.

HP announced that the Shorty will be selling start at US$4,299. Generally, the price is very competitive compare to other similar products by other companies