We have mentioned about USB 3.0 specification and while you still see very limited peripherals and chipsets being developed based on it, HP has recently announced the official support of USB 3.0 on its Envy 15 laptops, making it the first PC manufacturer ready to deploy the Superfast speed USB 3.0 port for consumer market.

The machine is designed with Intel quad-core i7 processor and ATI Mobility Radeon HD5830 graphics with DX11 support. Further equipped with USB 3.0 capability, it allows an extremely fast data transmission of 5Gbps (theoretically) which is about 10 times faster than existing USB 2.0 standard. Just imagine, now you plug in any external USB 3.0 compliant hard disk drive and the 1GB of data transfer can be accomplished within 3.3 seconds, instead of 33 seconds with conventional USB 2.0 interface. Good thing is, it is fully backward compatible with older USB 2.0 or 1.1 devices so that you still able to utilize the old peripherals without throwing them away even though at a relatively lower speed.

Besides Envy 15 machine, the USB 3.0 feature will also be implemented in other HP laptop series such as EliteBook 8540p and 8540w business models. No pricing information yet, other manufacturers such as Asus and Fujitsu will be following the trend with new release of USB 3.0 compliant machines in short future.