According to reliable source, HTC, the famous smartphone manufacturer may have to switch its current and future smartphone designs from AMOLED displays to LCDs due to limited supply issue from Samsung. Instead of continuing depends on the market supply that greatly impact its official availability, the manufacturer is working for ways to get smooth and continuous supply so that all its upcoming smartphones can be pushed into commercial market in timely manner.

Samsung has monopolized AMOLED production with total of 98 percent supply in the market and it is no surprise that the Korean maker has able to influence the whole supply chain even make smartphones’ manufacturers to change their existing design plans. While you may wonder what other options they may have, the manufacturer is believed to be working with Sony to leverage on its high-grade Super TFT LCD technology for mainstream smartphone models such as Desire, Droid Incredible and Nexus One.

This may explain why Apple choose to adopt IPS-based LCD for its latest iPhone 4 but not AMOLED as expected. Technically, it seems that AMOLED has greater advantages over other solutions especially with its power efficient as well we better and vivid color resolutions suitable for mobile applications. However, the right and fast timing to market is far more important than any other factors especially in this competitive market space.