We have mentioned about the OTA (On-The-Air) software update that is supposed to fix HTC Evo 4G SD card bug and if you are affected by such annoying issue on the long waiting first 4G Android based smartphone, you may want to consider this before accepting the update. According to the hacking team named as Unrevoked, the OTA fix may not purely fix the software glitch but instead, it may potentially prevent the smartphone from being rooted, eliminating all the possibility of full control over the smartphone.

Rooting is the process that will provide full administrative rights for Android (or Linux) based smartphone that will eventually give them full control over the phone with ability to unlock their phone full potential. Unless you are just normal users that would like to use your smartphone in simple way, else this is the essential steps that you don’t want to get limited by accepting the OTA patch right now. Especially for Sprint carrier service’ users that could potentially activate the 4G hotspot capability by rooting the smartphone, besides other capability such as installing customized or unsupported third party apps, which could be easily more value added as compared to inconvenience of unable to access SD card which claimed to be the only fix of the OTA.

No actual change log with related to the OTA software patch yet, those developers that are working on rooting the smartphone are in the progress of understanding further in deep and may be able to figure out the way to root the phone again after OTA fix in short future.