HTC has been very successful in launching many new smartphone series in various countries and Germany is one of the major potential countries that HTC intends to penetrate into. However, this round of time it may face some huge challenges especially after the recent patent violation suit loss to IPCom GMbH.

HTC was accused to have infringed the “100 series” patents owned by IPCom which was bought from Robert Bosch GmbH since 2006. The UMTS related patents are believed to have been used in most of the Windows Mobile smartphones developed by this Taiwanese company. If there is still no compromise and agreement being made between these two companies, HTC will have no choice but to stop selling all its UMTS capable mobile devices in Germany which include the current T-Mobile G1 and upcoming HTC Magic.

Meanwhile, Google who has been actively collaborating with HTC in designing Google Android based handsets is said to be affected as well in the lawsuit. Hopefully this will not stop these giant companies from expanding their new powerful handsets to other regions.