htctouch_141×412.jpg While iPhone is selling like hot cakes globally, a rival has emerged in the form of HTC Touch. Barely bigger than a credit card, HTC’s Touch features similar touch screen controls to Apple’s celebrated world innovator – you swipe your finger up the screen to enter the touch menu, then pull left or right, like turning pages in a book, to switch between menus. Of course you can also use a stylus, if you absolutely loathe finger marks. It also comes with a two-meg snapper, Windows Mobile 6 and a Micro SD slot for loading on tunes.

HTC Touch is Comparatively lighter than Apple iPhone. HTC Touch weighs 112g while iPhone weighs 135g. iPhone has a bigger screen size (3.5inches) compared to HTC Touch (2.8inches) Both phones come with two megapixels camera and Wi-Fi facility. HTC touch has two colour options: green or black while Apple’s iPhone come in elegant Black or Silver.

The good thing about HTC Touch is it features an advanced touch screen that allows users to operate the smart phone with fingertips like iPhone. Nevertheless, the tiny onscreen keyboard is quite difficult to enter text and the TouchFLO feature doesn’t work in landscape mode. The SIM card and microSD slots are hard to access. Also, the speakerphone quality is poor, and the device can be sluggish at times.

If you don’t fancy Apple’s iPhone for one reason or another, HTC Touch might be another option to be considered.

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