You don’t require fancy or sophisticated software applications to set up file sharing with friends, subordinates, colleagues or even your home computer. As long as your computer has internet connection and is properly configured, you can try this free application from Italy, HTTP File Server (HFS), to set up your personal file server for shared storage and access at your selected workstations.

HTTP File Server or HFS is an easy to use and standalone executable program. Users do not need to go through the tedious installation process. It is an EXE file whereby users could just double click to run the program. HFS is pretty easy to use – just drag and drop a file to be shared into it and you can share the file with the whole world with this tiny program. Of course a little work needs to be done to configure your router and firewall properly. You need to specify an IP address, check your router’s configuration and identify whether your firewall is blocking it. HFS which functions as a web server will show the shared files on a simple HTML page. It shows the file name and file size on a simple HTML template. Of course you can customize or alter the HTML template with some technical know-how. Anybody who has your IP address can see the list of the shared files via their browser.

HFS also comes with some advanced features. For instance, it allows users to set up a remote user’s name and password to view the shared files; set the connection limits, integrate HFS into Windows Explorer for quicker and easier file sharing, etc. Users who wish to try this program can download it via the link here.