Ibase Technology has just announced a new powerful platform for embedded market. Named as SI-28 Signature Book 2, it is designed with either dual core AMD Athlon or quad-core X4 Phenom processor suitable for mainstream digital signage applications where impressive graphics display performance is a must . Further enhanced with ATI E4690 GPU, it offers four numbers of independent HDMI port capable of outputting 1080p full HD (High Definition) resolution on large display.


With its processor maximum core frequency of 2.8GHz coupled with powerful ATI E4690 dedicated GPU, the platform is claimed to be few times much more powerful as compared to its predecessor, SI-24S that is based on AMD Sempron processor. Besides, it supports DDR2 memory module with up to 4GB via SODIMM interface with side-port 128MB GDDR3 memory on ATI Radeon graphics card. Some other interfaces include four USB 2.0 host ports, Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express as well as legacy serial ports. All these are packed into a reasonable 10.2 X 7.9 X 1.4 inches form factor design.

No pricing information yet, the SI-28 Signature Book 2 is already shipping now and since it is X86 based platform, operating system compatibility shouldn’t be an issue and consumers can expect it to be preloaded with either open source Linux or Windows OS.