IBM has announced the availability of Lotus Note 8.5 and the final version of its free Lotus Symphony document, spreadsheet and presentation software will be available later in this month at Macworld Expo. Lotus Note 8.5 is collaboration software with social computing features for all Mac OS X Leopard-powered computers.


Lotus Notes 8.5 offers an estimated 40 percent storage reduction by limiting attachments to one copy only system. It also has several notable characteristics, including a user friendly look that neatly arranges all collaboration tools on one screen in fewer clicks. The screen shows links to team rooms, instant messaging, to do lists, calendar, internet browsers and other tools. Apart of that, Lotus Notes 8.5 also integrated with Google, Yahoo and hundreds of other public Internet calendars for display the calendar in a single view.

IBM also announced new Lotus iNotes 8.5 software which allows user with a Notes license to access Notes through a Safari browser from anywhere. iNotes allows the user to integrate the Notes calendar with Google calendar and supports most standard widgets. As an example like mapping of a street address in an e-mail note.