Cooling mechanism utilizing liquid is not something really new but it is always one of the most effective and preferred ways when come to massive heat dissipation. Similarly to server computers that tends to generate excessive heats, the modular liquid based cooling solution from Iceotope is expected to be able to remove heat dissipation effectively at component level by ‘immersing’ them into water cooling system directly as compared to other solutions.


The mechanism behind is quite similar to other liquid cooling technology but instead of putting them outside of server room, this round of time the Iceotope technology has able to immerse each and every server computer directly with inert coolant that will help to carry the heat more effectively to the outside of computer room. Best of all, the cooling modules fit perfectly well in the chassis suitable for standard 19-inch data center rack and is fully scalable regardless of its configuration and setup. By having Iceotope technology in place, the company claims that the installation and maintenance cost can be reduced significantly by 93 percent, or equivalent to $788,400 for 1000 servers in three years time. Moreover, it will able to conserve around 84 percent of space required as compared to conventional system.

Iceotope has showcased its new technology during Supercomputing 2009 event held at Portland at Oregon.