Bad reception has always been a problem faced by cell phone users. Most users would have experienced garbled voices that disturbed their conversation. “Can you hear me now?”; “The line is bad”, etc are among the common phrases used by cell phone users. Generally, the bad reception or weak signal coverage is not just a problem for sparsely populated mountain towns; it is also a problem for many sophisticated towns. There are always some dead spots where the reception is terribly bad and no uniform or reliable coverage is provided. If you are interested to find out about the cell phone coverage in your selected area, check out this web based application, Signal Map.

Signal Map is a user generated, cellular phone coverage map. It uses Google Maps Mashup as a base map and it allows users to add their opinion on the signal strengths based on the model of the cell phones they are using. Users who disagree with the signal strength generated by other users can “Flag it Inaccurate” and enter the proposed signal strength.

This mobile phone coverage map is quite an interesting idea. It is currently in its Beta. However, since it is based on the info or input generated by users on the signal strength, the information might not be accurate. Since there is no control on data input processes, you can’t avoid it if there are people who simply add in the signal strength and mislead others.