Normally users seldom check the product keys or serial numbers for the software applications or computer games installed. These product keys or serial numbers basically are used to identify that the installed copies of the games/programs are original. Most users would never bother about these specific software-based keys for the programs installed if their programs are running smoothly. Having said that, for some reasons, if users want to retrieve the product keys and other serial numbers or licenses in their computer, they can probably get License Crawler to assist.

License Crawler is a free windows license key and product key scanning utility. Users can use this application to scan through their Windows Registry to retrieve the Windows product keys and all the serial numbers for the applications installed. This scanning tool works well with Windows OS such as Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. Users can run this application from any location. Users can run it from a USB stick or via their local network to scan their computers. License Crawler will display the result in a detailed list format once the search is completed. Users can get the license keys or serial numbers from the screen directly without referring back to the program manuals or recipes. It’s pretty fast and it saves time.

Users can get a copy of the latest License Crawler Version 0.0.35 via the direct link here. Alternately, users can download if from License Crawler’s website. The website is in German (with translation facility). However, this application uses English.

Screenshot of License Crawler