Identity GuardFor deal grabbers who register to receive the free ZoneAlarm Pro software during the one day promotion by Check Point software, another freebie is waiting inline. ZoneAlarm is also offering its users to sign up for free complimentary 1 year subscription to Identity Guard Good Start.

Identity Guard Good Start is the basic, lowest and cheapest level (level 1) of service provided by IdentityGuard, which costs $4.99 per month, and will perform daily monitoring of subscriber’s credit bureau file to detect fraudulent activity. Subscribers can receive email alerts to promptly get notified of inquiries that look suspicious, and can access to unlimited toll-free personal customer service.

The free 1 year subscription for Identify Guard Good Start ID theft protection service is available for both ZoneAlarm Pro, which just been given away for free, and ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite user. And, if you’re international readers and getting blurred with what’s exactly Identity Guard and credit report or inquiry is about, just forget about the deal, firstly, due to useless of the service to non-US citizens, and secondly, the service is only available in United States.

Activate the free Identity Guard here:

Note that credit card is required for enrollment for validation and verification, however, the credit card will not be automatically billed at the end of 1 year free subscription, unless user opts to do so.