The iDJ is a compact mixing console with 2 built-in iPod docks. Mixing directly from your iPods gives you the ability to utilize thousands tracks from your iTunes collection at your next party or event. If you need to pull audio from additional sources, you’ll be happy to know that the iDJ has two additional turntables or MP3/CD players inputs. I can see how this would come in handy at an event like a wedding where someone ends up handing the DJ a CD at the last minute.

The iDJ Mixer is both Firewire and USB2.0 compatible, so you can use 3rd Generation iPods (iPod mini, iPod photo) or newer generation models as well.

After reading through the specs, I noticed you can take things a step further and connect via S-Video. Greg from thinks this feature “makes the iDJ a good video mixer for schools, churches or corporate applications where you have multiple people presenting and don’t want to fumble around with PC connections and projectors.”

The iDJ Mixer also features headphone pre-cuing, separate channel three-band EQ and an industry-standard Kensington security slot. The security slot enables you to lock down the iDJ to a table in case you need to walk away for a few minutes for a cigarette or quick bathroom break.

Technical Details

  • Voltage: 110
  • Length: 18.5 inches;Height: 5.75 inches;Width: 14.0 inches
  • Weight: 7.0 pounds
  • Inputs – 2 iPod, 2 Line (CD/MP3), 2 Phono (Turntable), & 1 Microphone
  • Outputs – Master RCA, Record RCA, S-Video, Headphone (1/8 & 1/4)
  • Compatible with 3rd & 4th generation iPods, iPod Minis, & iPod Photo
  • Compatible with Firewire & USB 2.0 iPod connectors

The iDJ can be purchased either from or