Nobody likes them but car accidents seem to happen quite frequently in today’s fast paced life. Whoever is at fault, there are certain steps a driver needs to take when an accident happens besides blaming it on bad luck. These steps are really important, especialy if there is no loss of life or limb but damage done to the car. The driver will need to record down the situation causing the accident accurately to expediate his insurance claims. To assist the driver in this process, AccidentSketch, a free and simple web-based drawing tool can help the driver to present a clearer picture of the accident to the insurance company.


AccidentSketch offers a handful of tools and templates for users to quickly sketch and draw up a picture showing how the accident takes place. Instead of drawing from sketch, users can drag the template symbols/icons such as vehicles, road segments and traffic signs to the drawing board to produce the accident diagram. Users are allowed to change colours and add labels/descriptions for better illustration. Once the accident diagram is completed, users can enter their information such as license no, vehicle no and other details to generate a text report for better explanation.

To avoid unnecessary delay or as preparation for the insurance company’s query or even court hearing, it will be a good practice to have the accident sketch ready. This tool helps to relieve some of the stress felt by users in having to deal with the stressful aftermath of an accident.