Many webmasters have been using WordPress web publishing platform to implement ad revenue sharing among authors or among members of editorial team. As WordPress is using PHP, uses theme and allows plugins, ad revenue sharing feature is easy to implement by manually programming the advertising ad codes rotation or simply use one of the many ad revenue sharing plug-ins for WordPress available to display different ads on posts or articles by different authors.

In Blogger blog publishing system, things get complicated. Blogger does not have the flexibility of a full programming language, nor supporting third-party plugins. As a result, function to share advertising revenue by rotating or changing ad code by posts’ authors is hardly to design and implement, but not impossible.

Blogger template system is quite flexible, and does allow editing of the template in HTML format with broad support for various post elements tags, fonts and colors tags, and widget template tags. By using these tags, a workaround to automatically rotate and display or show ads that links to post’s author for ad revenue sharing can be added to Blogger ( hosted blog, including those blog powered by Blogger on custom domain and external server.

  1. Login to Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Layout tab of the blog to implement ad revenue sharing hack.
  3. Click on Edit HTML.
  4. Tick and select the check box for Expand Widget Templates.
  5. Depending on where on the web page that the ad space with author-linked ad codes rotation wants to be displayed, go to the appropriate line of code in the HTML editor. For example, to implement an ad on the before the post content but after the post title, search for the following line of code in the template, and add the ad revenue sharing hack code as shown in next step above it:


    A more easier way to identify where to implement the code would be simply replacing the ad codes that are currently existed in the template.

  6. Insert the following HTML code, which make uses of Blogger conditional tags to implement ad revenue sharing on individual pages.
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
    <b:if cond=' == &quot;MyDigitalLife&quot;'>
    Insert Ad Code for MyDigitalLife here (first author)
    <b:if cond=' == &quot;MyDigitalife2&quot;'>
    Insert Ad Code for MyDigitalLife2 here (second author)

    Repeat the above section for single author for as many authors as there is.

    Remember to replace MyDigitalLife and MyDigitalLife2 (and anyone else) with actual Display Name of the authors. And insert the actual ad code from, for example, Google AdSense, AdBrite, Tribal Fusion, ValueClick Media and etc.

    The first line of the code above restricts ad revenue sharing to be shown on individual post page only, but not only index page, category, tag, data, author or other categorized pages.

  7. Click on Save Template when done.
  8. Verify that correct ads are shown by viewing HTML source code of the web pages when visiting posts created by various authors or bloggers.