The innovative visual search engine SearchMe has finally arrived in Apple iPhone. If you are sick of the conventional way of doing web search, the new SearchMe’s coverflow-like visual search interface application in your iPhone will give you an entirely new way to do web search. This new iPhone visual search engine app presents you with completely new search results in your 3.5 inch display. The search results will be shown in the form of large thumbnails with short content summaries underneath. You could easily flick the search results across the screen like how you flick the album cover. You can zoom in, scroll up and down or drag the page with your little finger. This brilliant visual search engine application supports iPhone’s accelerometer and it can detect when you are in landscape mode. It will automatically adjust the screen and add in more thumbnails on the screen when it goes to landscape mode.

The SearchMe visual search engine is completely free. If you want to enhance your net searching experience or impress your friends with this new technology, you could download it in the app store via iTune Link here.

Demo on How SearchMe Works

SearchMe is now also available for Windows Mobile.