Being stuck with slow internet speed is definitely a frustrating experience. It can really piss you off especially when you are downloading something important and rushing to get it done. cFosSpeed is a powerful network driver which can improve internet speed and optimize data transfer substantially by means of Traffic Shaping. Technically, Traffic Shaping is an Internet traffic optimization method which allows for maximum speed while ensuring minimal Ping. This Traffic Shaping driver supports a wide variety of connections, like DSL, cable, ISDN, UMTS, etc.

cFosSpeed will be useful for those who are very concerned about internet speed such as online gamers. This app is very highly responsive when used with online games and filesharing (P2P) like eMule, Kazaa or Bittorrent. Besides high speed connection, other features of cFosSpeed are as follow: –

  • Minimal ping times for streaming audio & video, Voice over IP (VoIP), Internet Radio, etc.
  • Individual program prioritization
  • Free configurable Prioritization
  • Self-calibrating
  • Layer-7 Analysis
  • Firewall
  • Automatic router detection
  • Optimal Dial-Up connections – VPN – WLAN – MTU-Optimization
  • Multi User Features – broadband limits
  • cFosSpeed supports Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The latest version, cFosSpeed 4.50 Build 1456 has been released lately. Users who want to improve the Internet connection can download it via the link here: x86 and x64. This internet speed optimization application can be used exclusively or shared with other computers. It costs $19.90 to purchase.