Do you face the difficulties to remember your various complex alphanumeric passwords and PINs? Here’s a good news for you if your answer is yes. The team of researchers at Newcastle University had concerned about this common needs and came up with innovative Graphical Passwords system, an innovative software which allows the users to access a handheld device by simply draw a picture/graphic on your smartphones, iPhones or PDA’s touchscreen.


Furthermore, the researchers had developed the emerging graphical password scheme, Draw a Secret (DAS) technology, and applied it to a background image. And this improved software is known as Background Draw a Secret (BDAS), aiming to make it easier for its users to remember where to start drawing on the screen.

“Many people find it difficult to remember a password so choose words that are easy to remember and therefore more susceptible to hackers,” explained computer scientist Jeff Yan, a lecturer at Newcastle University.

“Most of us have forgotten a pin number or a password at least once, which is why we tend to make them so easy to guess,” added Mr Yan. “However, the human mind has a much greater capacity for remembering images, and it’s certainly true that a picture is worth a thousand words in this instance.”

Hopefully, this innovative and amazing Graphical Passwords technology will hit handheld devices as well as other security-protected machines as soon as possible.