After the recent Apple’s acquisition of Imagination for its Graphics Core Technology, Intel, which is also relying heavily on this UK based company advanced graphics solution has also increased its stake to have more share holding as compared to Apple Inc. According to source, the giant chipmaker has further acquired an additional of 934,422 shares via its strategic investment company, Intel Capital that boost up a total shares holding up to 6,934,422 shares, which is equivalent to 3.04 percent in Imagination.

Imagination Technology is famous for its PowerVR graphics core technology that has been adopted widely and some of the famous industry players such as Samsung, Apple and Intel are among those licensees that utilize this advanced hardware acceleration graphics technology in their famous products. For instances, the Apple’s 3G iPhone or iPod that have been powered by PowerVR MBX Lite 3D hardware core as well as Intel famous Atom processor pairing chipset, US15W which was also based on PowerVR Technology to offload graphics intensive processing from CPU core for much impressive multimedia performance. That is not all, Intel CE2110 and CE3100 are few of the new SoCs (Silicon on Chip) that is also based on newer technology from Imagination Technology.

Obviously, the largest chipmaker has responded with actual acquisition after Apple’s action that could potentially threaten its next generation products line. It even warned with a statement filing at London Stock Exchange that it may acquire this UK company if there are other competitors (apparently referred to Apple Inc) trying to do so. As a result of these acquisition, Imagination Technology’s stocks rose by 21 percent higher, or £0.11 up to £0.64 per share.