Intel has just announced its quarterly report and not to surprise, it reaches a new record with revenue of $10.1 billion for this quarter. The figure recorded a huge 15 percent increase as compared to last quarter back to 2006. Intel is able to regain its market share fast after its strong competitor, AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) lost in the recent price war. Even with the Barcelona processor release, the situation doesn’t improve much and Intel continues to lead the market with 45 nanometer process technology.

Intel will continue the momentum with a series of upcoming processors such as the first 45 nanometer technology Penryn processor targeted for both desktop and server segment to be released by November 12th. Besides, similar Penryn processors for mobile PC will be available to commercial market by second half of 2008. That is not all, the new Menlow platform (also with 45 nanometer technology) will reach the market by middle of next year. The smaller process technology simply translates to lower dissipation power, smaller package size while able to deliver greater performance as compared to 65 nanometer technology chips.

Despite all the good news and clear product road map, there is still negative impact to Intel employees with the announcement of 10 percent IT staffs cut wholewide. Perhaps this is one of the ways for this giant electronics company to stay slim and efficient in the competitive world.