We have been seeing a series of Intel Atom processors with some already monopolizing nettop and netbook markets and in order to continue the momentum, the giant chipmaker is in progress to come out with newer version of Atom processors targeted for various applications. As most of us are still expecting the arrival of Pineview, some information of newer and much powerful version is already available now. Codenamed as Cedarview, it will be based on 32nm process technology that can shrink the size further while able to pack more feature sets for system performance boost.


As expected, the trend is moving towards single chip solution that intends to integrate every feature set that used to be in chipset into the processor itself. Some features include the graphics, display controller and what is more interesting here is the single channel DDR3 memory controller that will able to support external DDR3 memory with up to maximum of 1066MHz. In terms of graphics controller, the upcoming DisplayPort standard will be integrated on top of commonly used LVDS/HDMI to offer independent multiple displays targeted for different usages. That is not all, you can expect some Blu-ray supported feature to be integrated as PC market is trending in the direction with ability to support full HD (High Definition) media playback.

The Cedarview is expected to reach market by 2011 so you may have to wait for quite a while but Pineview should be able to fulfill consumers’ demands and bridge the migration well especially in nettop and netbook market.