As you may have already heard, Intel Atom family consists of both single core and duo-core version targeted for different applications. The Z-series, Z510 and Z530 single core version have already been launched successfully back to April timeframe and the N-series version will be available in both single core and duo-core version by end of this year, at a much lower price tag as compared to Z-series Atom processors.

As compared to Z-series Atom processors that paired with SCH US15W chipset, N-series Atom processors will be coupled with 945GSE chipset and ICH7M that is believed to able to offer much cheaper solution for cost sensitive platform. While the single core N-series Atom 230 processor is claimed to be available at $29, the duo-core N-series Atom 330 version will be placed at a price range of around $43, which is much lower than what has been targeted by Z-series at a price range of $90 when paired with SCH chipset. Nevertheless, both Z and N-series Atom processors are being positioned for different market segments with well distinguishable TDP (Thermal Dissipation Power) and form factor. Z-series Atom processors fits well within 5W thermal envelope with smaller form factor whereas the N-series Atom aims for those price competitive applications in which they are less thermally and space constraints.

Bad news here, there could be a delay in the original schedule which plans to release the duo core N-series version in Q3 time frame and potentially push to Q4. Anyway, the parts are believed to be drop in replaceable without the need to redesign the whole platform. Some of the board vendors have already initiated hardware development work hoping to direct adopt when the duo core version is available by end of this year.