After the previous release of Nehalem processors for desktop version back to November last year, Intel Inc has just officially launched the new Xeon processors targeted for enterprise server market. The new 5500 series or previously named as Nehalem EP are claimed to be the world’s most powerful processors that has been enhanced with various cutting edge technologies.


Similar to other Nehalem series that is based on 45-nm High-K process technology, the Xeon 5500 series has been further enhanced with various Intel technologies targeted for performance boost while able to conserve energy while in idle mode. Thanks to its advanced Intel Turbo Boost Technology that is able to adjust its core frequency dynamically depending on the CPU workload. Besides, its hyper-Threading Technology will able to handle multiple applications by virtually observed as eight-cores while powered by a quad cores Nehalem processor. That is not all, it has been equipped with Virtualization Technology that enables multiple OS (Operating system) running simultaneously on the same system. To reduce memory bottleneck, Nehalem features an Intel QuickPath Technology (with integrated memory controller) that is able to deliver much higher performance as compared to competitor’s solutions.

This has definitely marked another great milestone with the most significant launch after the previous Pentium Pro series back to 1995 and the giant chipmaker does promise to come out with a 32-nm “Westmere” version as a its successor with six cores in single die targeted for much demanding applications in short future.