Intel Atom processor is so successful that able to penetrate into netbook, nettop as well as embedded markets for various usages such as digital signage, automotive, industrial segments and many more. In order to fulfill these different kinds of segment requirements, the giant chipmaker is innovative enough to create and modify so that they are different version of Atom series being generated with some with low power, some that are industrial compliance that can extend the operating temperature range and now with the new Intel Atom N450 series pairing with NM10 chipset, it is claimed to be built with lower cost in mind to compete against other rivals’ products with lower retail price.


As expected, there won’t be much performance boost as compared to existing Atom families but what is so great about this new version is the chipmaker has able to reduce from previous three-chip solution to two-chip so that board vendors can flexibly design into cost constraint platform while still able to keep the BOM (Bill of Material) cost low. Running at 1.66GHz, it is indeed slightly faster than conventional Atom processors that stay at 1.6GHz maximum core speed.

Intel is expected to launch this new Atom processor by January 3rd 2010 good news here, the retail price will be kept at around $249 which is $50 cheaper than most of the existing solutions in the market today and with this adjusted pricing, you could expect the two-chips solution with 1GB RAM memory, 20GB SSD (Solid State Drives), integrated graphics solution as well as Condor Peak wireless LAN module embedded into it. However, the screen size is still tentative but it could be designed up to 10.2-inch for netbook category and will be preloaded with either Moblin Linux, Windows XP or even Windows 7 Starter Pack Operating system as an additional bonus for consumers.