Previously we mentioned about Pineview, an Intel next generation Atom processor that is going to replace Intel Atom N270, or codenamed as Diamondville targeted for netbook and nettop market segments, now there is a more concrete information that the giant chipmaker is planning to develop a new platform, named as PineTrail-M with Pineview pairing with Tiger Point southbridge chip that is claimed to be able to reduce both the overall footprint and more importantly the power consumption as compared to current N270 solution.

As compared to Intel Atom N270 processor pairing with 945GC that occupy around 2174mm square (considering both the processor and chipset), the new solution will able to further shrink down to 60 percent smaller, with just a merely 773mm square that eventually bringing the whole form factor down for much flexible and stylish design that none of other competitors’ products can compete with. Besides, the core frequency for Pineview is believed to be clocking at higher speed in view of current N270 that is only running at 1.6GHz for much higher CPU performance. While the graphics core architecture will still be based on GMA950, there is a significant increase of GPU frequency from 133MHz to 200MHz to be able to perform better hardware decode on graphics intensive and multimedia applications.

Regardless of all these great performance, the maximum TDP will still stick to around 7 watt, which is still lesser than current platform that is rated at 8 watt (for both processor and chipset). The Pineview processor will be available in both single core and duo core versions and it is expected to reach market place by second half of 2009.