If you own an Intel Pentium G6951 based PC and are planning for a system upgrade, you may be interested on this piece of news. Quietly, the giant chipmaker has released a $50 “Processor performance Upgrade Card’ that will able to unlock certain features of the existing processor for performance boost without changing any of your system peripherals physically.

In actual fact, the Intel Pentium G6951 processors that shipped earlier were already having those features but were fused off to sell at lower price. Currently, the Intel Pentium G6951 clocking at 2.8GHz is sold with 3MB of L3 cache only and HyperThreading feature disabled. And with this processor performance upgrade, its full feature will be able to be unlocked with additional 1MB of L3 cache (total of 4MB L3 cache) as well as HyperThreading feature being enabled. With such feature enhancements, users can expect significant performance boost in terms of Multitasking, HD videos and pictures rendering and many more that are necessary in mainstream PC usages.

What users need to do is simple – just purchase the $50 upgrade card, download the software from Intel official website to Windows 7 PC, and then enter PIN code obtained from the upgrade card. Hopefully this will save all your hassle for system upgrade and will be very useful especially for non-tech savvy users.