Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform has been getting good traction but just recently, the giant chipmaker has confirmed a new bug that triggers shipment halt which impacting its early batches released to consumer market. Similarly, both Acer and MSI have already issued a recall activity for H67 and P67 chipsets but with slightly different options.

MSI announces that those who already own H67 or P67 motherboard can get a free replacement once Intel releases its new B-3 silicon stepping. Meanwhile, for those who bought a laptop with affected chipset, they will be offered a similar or can trade in for next generation chipset depending on its availability.

For Acer customers, they can either get a free fix (once new silicon stepping is available) or being offered a new replacement with comparable performance. Similarly for Asus, Dell and HP, they do offer similar assurance to end customers with full Sandy Bridge product returns or can trade up to a comparable performance products.

If you recall, the flaw which was found in the 6-series (codename as Cougar Points) chipset which causes some of its the Serial ATA port to be degraded over time. While the glitch doesn’t seems to affect all the Serial ATA ports (port 0 and 1 are still usable), but it does impact its usability especially when multiple ports are in need. The silicon fix is happening now and the updated chipset will be shipped in February with full replacement expected to be completed by April time frame.