Intel Atom processor has gained much traction after its successful launch back to April time frame. While Intel is still pushing hard to get all its current processors volume up especially in current economic situation, it has never stopped in investing and providing all the next generation processors targeted for huge netbook or nettop market shares. Previously we talked about Pineview as a next follow on product after Intel Atom Z or N-series, some may wonder what will be the next? A recently release roadmap from Intel Mobile Division has unveiled an even newer version of Intel Atom product that is planned on 2010. Codenamed as Medfield, it is claimed to be even more powerful and much more thermally efficient as compared to current and next release Pineview processor.

Medfield will be fabricated using 32-nm process technology, a further process shrunk from current 45-nm that was used to build existing Intel Atom and Pineview version. Not to surprise this round, the giant manufacturer would integrate all the memory controller, graphics core, IO (Input Output) ports into the processor core to boost up whole system performance. More importantly, users can expect a significant graphics performance increase with this next generation Atom processors for much graphics intensive processing such as full HD (High Definition) hardware acceleration capability and etc.

With all these great feature sets in place, Intel would still target it for ultra low TDP (Thermal Design Power) window with the aim to conquer mobile market which is used to be powered by ARM processors.